loves me… loves me not!

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One of the most common, everyday objects, the synthetic-sponge, transforms into a material for a floor lamp reminiscent of a flower in the wild…a daisy.

One lamp, two textures, two colors, “loves me…loves me not!” just like a child’s game…

A game conveying notions of artificial-natural-diversity-texture-feeling-emotions.

“loves me…loves me not!” is a response to the initiative of papairlines creative platform inviting designers to create and construct unexpected functional objects made out of the iconic green-yellow kitchen sponge. The works presented as a collection through the “Once Upon A Sponge” exhibition and highlighted the process behind design and the diversity of design thinking regardless of the material-based common origin. The designer submissions revealed that design thinking offers realistic answers to everyday situations, not just on form and function, but also on emotion, social behaviors and underlying meaning.

  • Client: papairlines
  • Filed under: Commissions, Lights